Canapes Menu

Savoury cold canapes:

Mini faina rounds w/ red onion & oregano (VGN/GF)

Vegan chorizo pinchos w/ sundried tomato & olive (VGN/GF)

Chorizo pinchos w/sundried tomato & olive

Spanish tortilla pinchos w/ roasted pepper (VGN/GF)

Paraguayan cornbread pinchos w/ artichoke hearts (VG/GF)

Gazpacho shots (VGN/GF)

Devilled quail eggs (VG/GF)

Mini llapingachos (Ecuadorian potato & cheese cakes) w/salsa criolla (VG)

Patacon (green plaintain cake) w/ guacamole (VGN/GF)

Mini sage & onion scones w/ turkey & cranberry

Kibe w/tahini sauce

Falafel w/tahini sauce (VGN/GF)

Potato cakes w/ smoked salmon & cream cheese

Ecuadorian corn croquettes (VG)

Chicken kabob

Mini creamy chicken & lime empanadas

Mini humita empanadas (VGN)

Mango & bean crostini (VGN)

Tomato & basil bruschetta (VGN)


Sweet canapes:

Mini orange glazed gingerbread squares

Mini chilli chocolate brownie squares

Fig & blue cheese pinchos (VG/GF)

Goats cheese stuffed dates (VG/GF)

Fruit pinchos (VGN/GF)


Choice of 6 canapes per person

Add £1 for each additional canape choice per person

Minimum 20 persons

£6 pp

Finger Buffet Menu

Sandwich platter - assortment of open rolls, sandwiches & wraps with at least 5 fillings:

Mature cheddar & red onion savoury (VG)

Pear & goats cheese (VG)

Chicken, avocado & fresh garden pea 

Bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado

Prawn mayonnaise

Chicken, cheese and sweet chilli

Tuna, pepper & olive mayonnaise

Cream cheese & smoked salmon

Mango & bean pate w/ rocket (VGN)

Brie & cranberry (VG)

Egg and chive mayonnaise

Veggie sausage & hummus (VGN)

Choice of 6 canapes 

Peri peri chicken thighs

Vegetable pakoras w/ gooseberry chilli relish (VGN/GF)

Chips & dips (VGN/GF)



Cakes £4 pp

Ginger bread with orange glaze

Apricot and coconut 

Lime drizzle


Chilli chocolate 

Pasta frola (VGN)

Tea/coffee/cold drinks £3 pp

Minimum 20 persons

£8 pp

Served hot & cold fork buffet


Bacon, blue cheese and sundried tomato quiche

Crab and roasted butternut squash quiche

Spanish Tortilla (GF/VG)

Spinach and feta filo triangles (VG)

Creamy chicken & lime empanadas

Potato & chorizo empanadas

Humita empanadas (VGN)

Served w/ choice of Salads:

Three bean (VGN/GF)

Quinoa tabbouleh (VGN/GF)

Red slaw (VGN/GF)

Mixed leaves (VGN/GF)


Mexican chicken mole (GF)

Peruvian beef stir fry (GF)

Brazilian smoky vegetable feijoada (VGN/GF)

Ajiaco (Colombian chicken, corn & potato stew)

Brazilian coconut chicken stew

Ecuadorian coconut fish (GF)

Cazuela de mariscos (GF)

Served w/ rice & fresh pineapple salsa (VGN/GF)


Choice of 1 mains option for every 10 persons


Canape appetisers £4 pp

Desserts £5 pp

Passion fruit mousse (GF/VG)

Suspiro limeno (GF/VG)

Pasta frola (VGN)

Quindim (Brazilian coconut flan) (GF/VG)

Trio of brigadeiros (Brazilian fudge truffle balls) (GF/VG), beinjho de coco (Brazilian coconut kisses) (GF/VG) & cocadas (Coconut candy) (GF/VG)


Tea/coffee/cold drinks £3 pp

Minimum 40 persons 

£11 pp

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